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The Security Product Advisory Council was formed to solicit unfiltered feedback from valued security professionals and industry experts.

Every 6-8 weeks, we invite you to participate in security product research studies. These surveys typically take about 10 minutes to complete and we make highlights of the results available for your review. In addition, we provide you with security industry white papers.

Businesses face threats from ever more cunning perpetrators. McAfee has already armed you with smart solutions for both your customers business and yours. Now, we are launching a dialogue with you so that we stay on top of the ever changing security landscape and help shape future defense strategies.

As an advisor, we ask that you share your thoughts candidly. Of course, we will keep your information safe and your feedback will always be confidential. When you participate in our studies your feedback will be viewed in aggregate with other partner’s responses to ensure anonymity. Equally important, your insights will influence our solutions and services to help us continue to protect what you value.


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