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  • What are the costs and requirements of membership?

    There is no fee to join, nor any dues to pay. Membership is completely free. There are no term requirements, and no minimum number of surveys to complete. You decide when to participate. We do our best to make surveys interesting and challenging for Council Advisors, and in return we hope we can count on your full participation. After all, the more surveys you complete, the greater the impact you can have on global network security.

  • What if I decide to terminate membership?

    We are always disappointed if an Advisor chooses to leave but you are under no obligation to stay. Just log on to the member web site where a simple form allows cancellation.

  • How often will I receive surveys and how long will they take?

    Members receive about 9 to 12 invitations per year to participate in surveys and typically agree to complete six surveys annually. All members are asked to complete Benchmarking surveys. Most surveys take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Occasionally, we invite members to take a more complex survey on topics important to McAfee, which may require more time.

  • Who sees survey responses?

    Survey responses are never seen on an individual basis. They are always aggregated with the responses of other IT professionals. McAfee will use members' opinions to design better products and services for companies like yours. All data compiled about members is kept strictly for research purposes. Based on the input provided in company profiles, we compile Benchmarking Reports that are periodically made available to members. But all information is reported in aggregate, and never specifically attributed to individual members. For more details, Privacy Policy.

  • Will surveys ask for proprietary or confidential information?

    Some surveys may ask for detailed information that you usually keep private. All responses are confidential and will not be divulged to outside sources in any way that would compromise your company's integrity and security, financial or otherwise. For more details, see Privacy Policy.